A Look Back at 2022!

The Heal Los Angeles Foundation had an eventful and impactful year in 2022. As a non-profit organization committed to providing impactful programs to our youths in Los Angeles, the foundation worked tirelessly to fulfill its mission of providing programs that help them pursue their dreams while building fundamental life skills. Through a range of programs and partnerships, the Heal Los Angeles Foundation made significant strides in addressing various social issues, including education, community development, and health and wellness. Let’s take a closer look at the notable achievements and highlights of the Heal Los Angeles Foundation’s endeavors in 2022, as they continued to make a positive difference in the lives of many in the city of Los Angeles.

Virtual Cooking Class

The Virtual Cooking Class Program focuses on promoting healthy cooking and nutrition hosted a successful program for 30 students and their families from Loreto Street Elementary School. This was the second year of the program, and it spanned over 8 weeks. The classes were led by chefs from Common Threads and were conducted via Zoom sessions with both English and Spanish-speaking chefs to accommodate the diverse needs of the participants.

As part of the program, fresh produce boxes with ingredients for the meal of the week were delivered to students’ homes every Monday afternoon. These boxes were provided by Love Market & Café. Families who submitted or posted a photo of their meals were rewarded with a $50 grocery gift card, encouraging them to actively participate in the cooking process.

The testimonials from the Class of 2022 were overwhelmingly positive, with participants expressing appreciation for learning healthier ways to cook and eat, and how it brought their families together for a fun time. Many noted that their children were excited to try new recipes and enjoyed the meals they cooked, which provided them with more healthy cooking options at home.

The program outcomes were also impressive, with 76.9% of participants feeling more confident in their cooking skills after participating, and the same percentage believing that the program would help them cook healthier meals. A significant majority of 84.7% felt healthier after participating, and 88.5% felt more motivated to continue eating healthier after completing the program.

Overall, the Virtual Cooking Class Program was a success, providing valuable cooking skills, nutrition knowledge, and healthy eating habits to the participating students and their families! The foundation is looking forward to bringing back the program in 2023!

Power Up Fitness Program

In collaboration with instructors from UCLA Health Sports Performance Powered by EXOS, successfully hosted their second year of the Power Up Fitness Program. The 5-week program was held at Montecito Heights Recreation Center and included 40 students from Loreto Street Elementary School who participated in various team-based exercise activities such as relay races, dodgeball, capture the flag, and tug of war during 90-minute sessions.

Testimonials from the Class of 2022 expressed appreciation for the opportunity to have fun while exercising and meet new friends from other schools. Program outcomes showed that 85% of the participants gained more motivation to stay active and maintain fitness, and over 60% of the participants experienced their first time participating in a fitness program. Heal LA extended their gratitude to the instructors from UCLA Health Sports Performance Powered by EXOS and their foundation donors for making the program possible. They are eagerly looking forward to their third year of the Power Up Fitness Program, which is scheduled to begin in September 2023.

Celebrating Thriller’s 40th at Thriller Night!

“Thriller Night” is an annual Halloween fundraising event hosted at the historic Hayvenhurst House, and this year’s event was highly anticipated. Unlike previous years, the event ran for two nights, Friday and Saturday, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Michael Jackson’s #Thriller40, the best-selling album of all time. The event drew 600 attendees from around the world, including Ireland, Japan, and Australia.

Guests came in costume and enjoyed a night of tricks and treats, while also having the opportunity to view priceless memorabilia from Michael Jackson’s personal collection, including the original jackets he wore in the Thriller music video and music awards, thanks to John Branca and the Estate of Michael Jackson. The event also honored influential individuals who use their platform to make a positive change with the inaugural “Man in the Mirror” Award, which was presented to Chris Tucker and Steve Harvey.

The two-night affair also saw the attendance of familiar faces such as Vanessa Hudgens, Jordin Sparks, Alexandra Shipp, Anna DeGuzman, Myles Frost, Tevin Campbell, and many others. In addition to the nighttime events for adults, Sunday was dedicated to the kids with the Kid’s Day Event, which hosted 200 youths. Attendees enjoyed a day of tricks, treats, and dancing, and the winners of the costume contest received iPad minis.

Overall, “Thriller Night” was a successful fundraising event that celebrated Michael Jackson’s legacy, honored influential individuals, and provided a fun-filled experience for both adults and kids alike.

3rd Annual Mattel Holiday Celebration!

Heal Los Angeles Foundation and Los Angeles Police Department Baseball Foundation successfully increased the number of youth participants compared to last year, welcoming 60 well-deserving kids at the Mattel Toy Store in El Segundo on December 22nd for the 3rd Annual Mattel Holiday Celebration. The participants included 30 children from the Pacoima Housing Project, 20 students from Loreto Street Elementary, and 10 youths from the Gospel Mission Baptist Church.

Mattel generously provided a 50% store discount, and each child was given $140 to spend on toys of their choice. The event was a fun-filled 2-hour shopping spree, with members from both foundations, including Heal LA Board Member and LAPD Baseball President, Officer Michael Scott, and Heal LA Co-founder Prince Jackson, helping the kids fill their shopping carts.

The event was made possible by Mattel and the foundation donors, and the organizers expressed their gratitude to them. They are looking forward to the 4th Annual Holiday Celebration with Mattel in December, continuing to bring joy and happiness to deserving kids during the holiday season.

Donation Information

If you would like to make a donation to Heal Los Angeles Foundation, please note that checks can be mailed to the following address:

The Heal Los Angeles Foundation

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We greatly appreciate your support in helping us further our mission of providing programs that help them pursue their dreams while building fundamental life skills. Thank you for your generosity!