About Us

Founders Prince Jackson and John Muto

Our Mission

The Heal Los Angeles Foundation’s mission is to improve the lives of young people in Greater Los Angeles by creating impactful programs that will help them pursue their dreams while building fundamental life skills.

Our History

Heal Los Angeles started as a student service organization at Loyola Marymount University in 2016. Co-founders John Muto and Prince Jackson met on campus and soon discovered their common passion for giving back to their communities. Inspired by the late Michael Jackson and his philanthropic endeavors, they looked for ways to fulfill the needs of the underserved communities in their hometown of Los Angeles, CA. Shortly after, Muto & Jackson attracted 25 other students to join their cause.

With a mission to end homelessness, child abuse, and hunger in Los Angeles, thousands of sandwiches and personal hygiene products were distributed as part of the “Peanut Butter Project” that consisted of over 10 givebacks. The student service organization also joined forces with A Sense of Home to furnish homes for children who aged out of the foster care system, hosted three Christmas celebrations (with Boys and Girls Club of Los Angeles and Young Life), and raised over $150k for those in need over the course of five semesters.

Heal LA Board

The Heal Los Angeles Foundation Today

Upon graduating, John and Prince felt it was time for Heal Los Angeles to become an official 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. With this transition came a new mission that focuses more on education and healthy living for inner-city youth and families.

The foundation has implemented educational programs for the youth of the Los Angeles area. The first of these is a cooking class and the second is a fitness program.