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Enter a world of enchantment and excitement at the annual 'Thriller Night'—a Halloween extravaganza like no other! Held at the historic Jackson residence in Encino, California, this fundraising event has become a must-attend experience for Halloween enthusiasts from around the world. Taking place over Halloween weekend, 'Thriller Night' offers two main celebrations that promise unforgettable thrills and chills.

The first night, known as the Friday Night Celebration, serves as our flagship fundraising event. Picture yourself stepping onto the red carpet, surrounded by the glitz and glamour of a Hollywood party. Media coverage captures every moment as attendees mingle with celebrities and have the opportunity to connect with brands. But that's just the beginning—prepare to be amazed as the entire property undergoes a mesmerizing transformation into a haunted house. Intricate mazes and live actors bring the spine-chilling atmosphere to life, guaranteeing a night filled with heart-pounding scares and hair-raising excitement.

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In addition to the haunting ambiance, 'Thriller Night' proudly showcases priceless memorabilia from the personal collection of the legendary Michael Jackson. Immerse yourself in his world as you behold the original jackets worn in the iconic 'Thriller' music video—a rare treat made possible through the generous collaboration with John Branca and the Estate of Michael Jackson. These artifacts stand as timeless reminders of the King of Pop's influence and artistry.

An eagerly anticipated highlight of the event is the presentation of the 'Man in the Mirror' Award. This prestigious accolade was introduced in 2022 to honor influential individuals who leverage their platform to effect positive change in society. Past recipients, including the renowned Chris Tucker and the esteemed Steve Harvey, have been recognized for their significant contributions in making a difference.

Overall, 'Thriller Night' is not only a resounding success as a fundraising event, but it also celebrates the timeless legacy of Michael Jackson. With its captivating ambiance, celebrity presence, and charitable initiatives, 'Thriller Night' offers an exhilarating and memorable experience for attendees of all ages. Join us for a night where Halloween dreams come alive and positive change takes center stage!"

"Kid's Halloween Party"


But the Halloween festivities don't end there. The second day of the event, known as the 'Kids' Halloween Party,' carries on the spirit and legacy of Michael Jackson. Inspired by his dedication to brightening the lives of less fortunate children, 'Thriller Night' aims to create a similar experience to when Michael used to invite less fortunate children to his beloved Neverland Ranch. Over 200 to 250 young individuals gather at the historic Jackson residence, where they can truly embrace the Halloween spirit. The 'Kids' Halloween Party' offers a day filled with laughter, excitement, and delightful surprises. From navigating through a thrilling haunted house maze to participating in a captivating costume contest, and even showcasing their dance skills in a lively dance-off, the children experience a Halloween celebration they might not otherwise have.

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Through this event, we strive to keep Michael's legacy alive by continuing his mission of spreading happiness and creating cherished memories for those in need. To wrap up the festivities on a heartwarming note, all participants receive goodie bags generously filled with toys, candy, and other delightful treats—made possible through the kindness and support of our sponsors.

Mattel Christmas Celebration

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Step into a heartwarming and magical event, the "Mattel Christmas Celebration," where dreams come true for deserving children from Northeast LA, Pacoima, and South-Central LA. This extraordinary event takes place at the renowned Mattel Toy Store in El Segundo, California.

Immerse yourself in the joy and wonder as we bring together 75 children who may not typically experience a traditional Christmas. These remarkable kids, alongside their families, will have the exclusive opportunity to explore the whimsical aisles of the toy store, handpicking gifts that will bring smiles to their faces. Guided by the spirit of giving, inspired by the legendary Michael Jackson, who would rent out toy stores for less fortunate children, this event holds a special place in our hearts.

Thanks to the generosity of the Mattel Foundation, each child will enjoy a 50% discount on their chosen toys, ensuring their wishes can come true within a budget of $150. Additionally, every child will receive a delightful goodie bag, filled with surprises and delights, adding to their holiday joy.

Prince cherishes the memories of his father's selfless acts and continues to carry on his legacy. It is an honor for us to uphold this tradition and provide an unforgettable Christmas experience for these deserving children.

Experience the enchantment of the "Mattel Christmas Celebration" as we create a magical day for these exceptional children, granting them the holiday memories they truly deserve. Let us come together in spreading the joy of the season and making their dreams come true.