Celebrating the Spirit of Giving: Recap of the Mattel Holiday Celebration

Mattel HQ

As the year draws to a close, the Heal Los Angeles Foundation concluded its annual festivities with the heartwarming “Mattel Holiday Celebration” at Mattel Headquarters in El Segundo, California. The highlight of the event was the exclusive rental of the Mattel Toy Store for two hours, allowing 40 deserving kids the joy of holiday shopping, with each toy offered at a generous 50% discount.

Santa Claus played a special role in greeting and guiding the children through the store, creating magical moments that will be cherished for years to come. The Foundation welcomed 20 students from Loreto Street Elementary School, 10 kids from the Pacoima Housing Project, and 10 kids from the Gospel Mission Baptist Church.

The selection process for these participants was thoughtfully curated based on the Foundation’s ongoing programs and collaboration with dedicated board members. The partnership with Loreto Street Elementary School was a natural choice, and board member Michael Scott, a Los Angeles Police Department Officer serving the Pacoima area, facilitated the inclusion of 10 students from Pacoima Charter Elementary School. Additionally, board member Raymond Dennis, a pastor at the Gospel Mission Baptist Church, brought in 10 children from the church community.

Beyond the joy of receiving gifts, the event provided a unique learning experience for both the Foundation’s staff and volunteers. Witnessing the children’s consideration for their siblings, cousins, and other family members underscored the true meaning of spreading holiday cheer.

The Heal Los Angeles Foundation is grateful for the support of Mattel and the collaborative efforts of its board members, volunteers, and partners that made this event a memorable and impactful conclusion to the year.

Fun Fact

The inspiration for this signature event of the Foundation originated from its founder, Prince Jackson, who fondly recalls his father, Michael Jackson, renting out stores such as Toys R Us, FAO Schwarz Toy Store, and other local toy stores to provide support to children and families in need during the holidays.