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Northeast Los Angeles

When Heal LA embarked on its program initiatives, we were committed to a deliberate approach in selecting the most suitable areas. Collaborating with the University of Southern California (USC), we focused on identifying communities with low-income demographics and high obesity rates. This meticulous analysis led us to pinpoint the top 5 areas that align with these criteria. With the groundwork laid, our next step was to conduct in-depth research on schools within these communities to explore potential partnerships with Heal LA.

At the core of our approach was the Virtual Cooking Class, a program we enthusiastically presented to schools. We presented each school with an enticing proposition: a program offering 30 spots, catering to both English and Spanish speakers, with weekly deliveries of fresh produce and grocery gift cards for each participating student—all entirely free of charge. All we needed was the support of schools in recruiting students and gaining buy-in from both students and parents.

Loreto Street Elementary

After extensive discussions with various schools, we were thrilled to establish a meaningful partnership with Loreto Street Elementary, located in Northeast Los Angeles. Presently, the school caters to 270 students spanning from kindergarten to 5th grade. The student body is predominantly composed of 94% Hispanics, 3% Asians, 2% White, and 1% Black individuals. Additionally, the community faces significant socioeconomic challenges, with 94% experiencing disadvantageous conditions. Among the students, 38% are English learners, while 2% are foster youth.

In Los Angeles, numerous areas in the community require support, and there are many wonderful nonprofit organizations in the city that are already making a difference in these communities. However, partnering with a school, park, or a community, especially in areas that need support the most, can present its challenges. Drawing from Heal LA’s staff experiences, we firmly believe that the key to successful partnerships lies in having the right people leading in those communities. With Loreto Street Elementary, we found exactly that—a dedicated team consisting of the principal, administrators, teachers, students, and parents—all fully invested in making their community better.

At the heart of this amazing partnership is the extraordinary leadership of Principal Maria Arciniega at Loreto Street Elementary. Her unwavering support and enthusiasm for our programs have been instrumental in making this collaboration a success. Principal Arciniega is the one who gave Heal LA the opportunity it had been seeking. We are grateful for her belief in our programs and her commitment to improving the lives of her students.

The real magic of this partnership lies with the students and parents of Loreto Street Elementary. They actively participate in all the program events and eagerly anticipate the next initiative that Heal LA has to offer. They fearlessly share their feedback, helping us continuously improve our programs. Their gratitude for Heal LA’s presence in their community is palpable, and it is this mutual appreciation that forms the foundation of our thriving partnership.

The most frequently asked question directed towards Heal LA pertains to our expansion plans. We are pleased to confirm that expansion is indeed part of our strategic vision. At present, Heal LA is wholeheartedly committed to doubling our financial resources and efforts in supporting the Northeast Los Angeles community. As part of our future endeavors, we aim to extend our reach by establishing partnerships with additional elementary schools and implementing our proven programs. Furthermore, our long-term vision includes expanding our impact to encompass middle and high schools, creating purposeful and influential initiatives tailored to the needs of older students. While our current programs are specially designed for elementary students, we firmly believe in nurturing their development from an early stage. Through engaging with these young minds, our goal is to forge a transformative pathway that will be invaluable both in the immediate and distant future, empowering them to thrive in all their endeavors. As we venture into middle and high schools, our programs and initiatives will naturally undergo adaptations to suit the appropriate ages while retaining the core principles that underpin our mission.

Our partnership with Loreto Street Elementary fills us with hope and determination. Together, we are working tirelessly to create meaningful change in the lives of the students and families in Northeast Los Angeles. It is through collaborative efforts, unwavering dedication, and the belief in our programs that we can shape a brighter future for these communities.

As we move forward, we carry with us the valuable lessons learned and the voices of those we serve, propelling us to expand our reach, innovate, and persistently pursue our mission of empowering young minds and nurturing healthier, thriving communities. Our journey with Heal LA and our remarkable partnership with Loreto Street Elementary inspire us every day to push the boundaries of what’s possible and bring about lasting impact.

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